Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore Registering for Classes

When can I see classes for the next term?
When can I register?
Why can’t I register? – What do I do?
How do I know what classes to enroll in each semester? Who can help me with my schedule?
Can I add classes after the deadline? What is the deadline?
Can I register for more than 18 credits?
Dropping Courses

Learn about dropping courses

Should I drop a course or courses?
When can I drop/withdrawal from a class? How can I drop them?
Additional Questions

Explore other questions

I’m thinking about transferring to UCCS. Can you tell me which of my existing credits will transfer?
I don’t know who my advisor is.
I’m a graduate student. Can I meet with my advisor?
How do I meet with my advisor?
I want to switch my major. What do I need to do?
Instructions regarding permission numbers

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