Think 30

Accelerate Success With 30 Credits Every Year

Think 30!
Graduate On Time. Save Money. Earn Sooner.

Your Path To Graduation

Think 30 is a UCCS initiative to encourage students to work with academic advisors towards developing a graduation plan. Baccalaureate degrees require at least 120 credit hours which translates into earning 30 hours per year to graduate in 4 years or 24 credit hours per year to graduate in 5 years. We know college is expensive and we want to make sure students take advantage of every resource to stay on track and graduate in a timely manner.

Planning for 30 credits each year sets you up on a path for success. Studies have shown that students who follow this path do better academically, ultimately take on less student loan debt, and are more likely to graduate.

15 Credits in Fall and Spring or 12 Credits Fall and Spring plus 6 credits in Summer


Concerned about taking on additional credits? Consider earning credits over the summer, pre-term or spring break sessions, or extend your graduation timeline to meet your needs.


Why Think 30?

To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

While taking fewer credit hours each year may lower your annual bill, extending your college career beyond four years costs you more in total tuition, fees, and lost income after graduation

Don't Delay Your Future Earnings!

50,000 average wage of US college graduate



Think 30 Action Plan

Academic Planning

Meet with your Academic Advisor every semester

  • Create a multi-semester schedule that helps keep you on track
  • Explore additional classes or classes over the summer
  • Discuss your timeline and making college work for your needs

Understand your degree requirements

  • Utilize Advising Guides for an overview of your major and an example plan
  • Regularly review your degree audit to understand remaining requirements
  • Pay attention to important course sequences in your major

Connect with faculty in your major

  • Discuss important courses and options in your major
  • Explore opportunities in your major and get involved beyond the classroom
Financial Planning

Connect with Financial Aid to explore and pursue grants, loans and scholarships to help you pay for college, including summer aid

Explore Student Employment and Work Study opportunities on campus

Connect with Student Financial Services for questions about your bill and paying for college

Career Planning

Connect with the Career Center early to map out a plan for life after college

Explore and participate in research, internships, and study abroad

Connect with Student Life and Leadership to make the most of your time at UCCS