Online Students


Online Students

We can help online learners with:

  1. Developing an academic plan and course selection
  2. Explaining UCCS's degree programs
  3. Military Forms (104R, Form 48, ROTC, etc)
  4. Graduation Check/Senior Audit
  5. Transfer Credits
  6. Probation/Suspension
  7. Degree Audit questions

Connect with Advising
    • Use the "How-to" guide to find your assigned advisor
    • Click here to find out who your advisor is and their photo
    • If you are a current student and have not been assigned an advisor, please email your questions to:
    • All advising appointments are 30 minutes in length.
    • If you are an out of state or an online learner this is a great way to stay in touch with your advisor
    • Advisor will leave a message if you are unavailable at the time of your appointment. Students must return the phone call within the first 15 minutes of their appointment time to honor the appointment

    Contact for an appointment: Phone: (719) 255-3260  

    • Our staff will call you the day before to confirm your phone appointment.
    • If you need a form completed, please email your advisor beforehand
    • Prepare a list of questions or issues that you would like to discuss with your advisor

If you are interested in meeting with your advisor in person: