Kim Dyer


Kim Dyer

Academic Advisor (for last names K-P)
Engineering & Applied Sciences
Pronouns: She/Her
“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward


I was born and raised in Seoul, S. Korea. My family and I moved to Colorado Springs a little over 2 years ago from Oregon where I was a full-time professor in a Liberal Arts college for about 15 years. Before that, I was an elementary school teacher in South Korea for about 9 years and came to the U.S. to complete my Masters and Doctoral Degree.

I currently teach Korean language class at UCCS.

Fun Facts

  • I have two birthdays: one by lunar calendar (official birthday) and the real birthday (the day I was born)
  • Love puzzling -- have done many 1000 pieces and did one 2000 pieces last year. Would love to try 3000 pieces someday
  • I love to travel, play Ping-Pong, watch movies, and puzzles
  • If you are a fan of K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-culture, we can talk about it all day long.
  • I have two official elementary teaching licenses from two countries (Korea and USA).


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Elementary Education, Ball State University, Indiana, USA
  • Masters of Arts in Elementary Education, Ball State University, Indiana, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, CheongJu National University of Education, CheongJu, South Korea